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We can help you resolve your tax issues. We handled all types of tax issues, we work with the IRS and state agencies to help our clients get back on track. V Tax Services will help you resolve your tax problems and offers you tax relief so, you can put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and, of course, extremely discrete.

We will be happy to assist you with the following situation:

-Amended Tax Return Preparation

-IRS Appeals

-IRS Back Taxes / Back Tax Return Preparation

-IRS Guaranteed  Installment Agreement


-IRS Installment Agreement

-Injured Spouse

-Innocent Spouse Relief

-IRS Audit Representation

-IRS Penalty Abatement

-IRS Threatening Letters

We as Enrolled Agents are ready to fight for the resolution you deserve. We will collect all of the documents necessary to bring you into full compliance with the IRS. We’ll also build your case to support the right resolution strategy for the right time. We’ll present your case to the IRS in the way that only we can, positioning you to receive the financial outcome that you so richly deserve.

Resolve your Tax Problem with the piece of mind that you have a professional on your side.

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Best Tax Relief Services

IRS, the tax regulatory authority in the United States, has always been aware of the hardships of the taxpayer. Thus, IRS has chalked out various kinds of tax relief measures to help the troubled taxpayers. These tax relief measures range from payment of tax liability in installments to even abatement of certain taxes and penalties.

We, at V-Tax Services, help you find the tax relief measures you are eligible for. Whether it be the filing of appeals, back tax return preparation, requesting innocent spouse relief, or penalty abatement, we do it all. Taxes are always heavy on the pocket, but their burden can always be reduced by claiming tax refunds and our tax advisors help you in that. In general, the following types of tax refunds are available:

  1. Amended Tax Return Preparation

An already filed tax return needs to be amended if there is a change in filing status, income, deductions, credits, or tax liability of the taxpayer. Generally, Form 1040-X is used to file an amended tax return. In case of wrongly filed information, amending the tax return is the best way to claim a tax refund. However, there is no need to file an amended return for clerical errors since IRS often corrects them themselves. For claiming a tax refund, an amended tax return needs to be filed within the following timelines in general:

  • 3 years from the date of filing the original return, or

  • 2 years from the date of payment of tax

Whichever is later


      At V-Tax Services, we provide you all tax relief services in colorado related to filing the original and amended return. 

      Amended returns should be filed carefully, as any discrepancy may invite notices from IRS. Also, before filing an amended return, facts need to be verified carefully to claim any kind of tax refund. Our tax advisors are experienced in handling all these matters.


  2. IRS Guaranteed Instalment Agreement


It is a kind of tax relief payment plan under which the IRS allows you to pay your taxes in scheduled installments, however, prior permission from IRS is required. Such tax relief is granted by IRS only if all the previous due returns are filed on time and the taxpayer promises to pay all monthly payments on time. However, user fees are, generally, charged to set up an IRS installment agreement plan. Interest and some penalty charges continue to be added until the tax due is settled in full. Thus, the IRS installment agreement plan can be an effective tax relief measure to reduce the immediate burden by spreading it over multiple installments.


Our tax advisors help you in getting your IRS installment agreement plan approved so as to get immediate tax relief from payment. We also try and help in getting reimbursement of user fees and give you frequent reminders for payment of tax instalments. Caution needs to be exercised as this tax relief plan can be revoked by IRS anytime and we, at V-Tax Services, make sure that such things don’t happen to our clients.

   3. IRS Back Taxes/ Back Tax Return Preparation


It is extremely important to clear your previous tax dues and file previously due returns as it enables you to claim tax returns in the future, avoid interest and penalties, protect social security benefits, and maintaining your credit score. It also helps in avoiding any notices from the IRS and filing of any substitute return by IRS itself, in which benefits of exemptions and other tax relief are generally not given to the taxpayer. In worst cases, it may also lead to attachment of wages and bank account. There is no limit to how far back tax returns can be filed, but it is always advisable to file back returns for all years in which any income has accrued.


We, at V-Tax Services, help you clear out all your past returns and get tax relief. Once at V-Tax Services, our tax advisors take care of your tax relief claims and you don’t need to worry about any of these. We do whatever suits you the best and make sure that you get the highest tax refund possible. Filing back returns can be tedious because different tax laws apply for different years, but nothing is difficult when you are with us. We file all your back returns and ensure you get maximum tax relief.


   4. IRS Offer-in-Compromise (OIC)


This measure comes as tax relief for those taxpayers who are in financial hardship and are unable to pay their taxes in full. Through this tax relief method, taxpayers can settle their tax dues at amounts less than owed to the IRS. The IRS Offer-in-Compromise scheme is available for those who have filed their tax returns duly but have not made any required estimated payments. This tax relief policy is not applicable on current year taxes if extensions have been filed already or for those who have opted for an installment plan. The following set of facts are considered before granting any such tax relief: 

  • Ability to Pay

  • Income level

  • Expenses

  • Asset equity


      We, at V-Tax Services, help all our clients in getting the IRS Offer-in-Compromise scheme approved. We understand that it is difficult to bear heavy tax burdens when in financial hardship. Thus, we help all our clients in getting tax relief in centennial from IRS. We study and analyze your asset and liability situation and subsequently apply for OIC deals with IRS. OIC is one of the best tax relief granted by IRS.


5. IRS Appeals

Appeals are the most effective way to claim tax relief against the decisions of the IRS. Appeals can be filed if, in the opinion of taxpayer, the IRS makes an incorrect decision based on a misinterpretation of law or facts. A separate one-level Appeal Office has been set-up specifically in this regard where appeals can be filed against the orders of IRS to claim tax relief. Apart from ordinary appeal processes, there are meditation programs available that provide faster tax relief and resolutions as compared to appeals. An appeal is requested by writing a formal written protest, which often requires the services of an expert.


V-Tax provides all services related to filing of appeals to claim tax relief. We have a positive past track record of getting favourable orders of tax relief for our clients. We make sure that our tax relief services do not lay heavy on the pockets of our clients, but we always ensure to maintain quality of our tax relief services. Conferences with appeals office personnel may be conducted in person, through correspondence, or by telephone. Our professionals handle all these types of communications on your behalf.


  6. Injured Spouse


This is applicable when the tax return is filed jointly by a married couple and the overpayment of any tax on part of one partner is applied to meet the outstanding dues of other partner. This generally happens when one spouse owes child support or has defaulted on a federal student loan. In such a case, the aggrieved partner may make an application to IRS to claim his part of refund. For claiming this tax relief in Greenwood Village , Form 8379 is required to be filed. This form may be filed during or after filing of the joint and amended tax return. An injured spouse form must be filed for each year the taxpayer wants tax relief for.


V-Tax helps you in filing amended joint tax return and also advices you upon filing for injured spouse relief. We ensure that you get your tax relief owing to injured spouse back in your bank account. We support all our claims with back-calculations and give you a fair estimate of your due tax relief amount in advance.


  7. Innocent Spouse Tax Relief


Innocent Spouse Tax Relief is claimed to get relief from tax, interest and penalties due to misreporting and omissions committed by taxpayer’s spouse in the joint tax return. The tax, interest and penalty that qualify for innocent spouse tax relief can be collected from spouse. However, the taxpayer will be individually and jointly responsible for other items that do not qualify for tax relief. It is applicable only for individual income and self-employment taxes. The IRS will consider all facts and circumstances to determine whether the partner claiming this relief was genuinely not aware of misreporting and is actually aggrieved due to the acts of his partner. Thus, this tax relief measure comes as a big relief for couples, especially after their separation.


Our tax advisors help you fully in claiming this innocent spouse tax relief. We study your tax returns and prepare all the filings to claim this tax relief. We are experienced in handling these matters and always guide our clients diligently.


  8. IRS Audit Representation  


An IRS audit is a review/ examination of a taxpayer’s accounts and financial information to ensure information reported in the tax return is correct and in compliance with law. IRS Audit Representation is a service in which a tax professional stands and represents a taxpayer undergoing audit in front of IRS. Generally, IRS keeps sending mails to invite more tax information from the tax payer. Sometimes, IRS can call the taxpayer in person. In such a situation, it is advisable to let a licensed tax expert, like V-Tax, handle the authorities. Tax expert has expertise and knows how to deal with the IRS strategically. This service can be a major source for bagging tax relief as taxpayers get direct opportunity to interact with IRS personnel.


We are Enrolled Agents and are licenced to represent our clients as Authorised Representative in front of IRS for all tax audit related matters. Unlike CPAs, we can represent our clients in any State. You just need to give some information to us and we prepare all the replies and documentations. We advise you regarding tax matters and ensure to get you maximum tax relief.


  9. IRS Penalty Abatement


This is available as tax relief from interest and penalty on late filing of the return, late payment of tax. It is at the discretion of the IRS to give a waiver from penalty and interest thereon. However, such tax relief is generally allowed only after the fulfillment of certain conditions:

  • No penalties were levied in 3 previous years

  • All currently due returns have been filed, or an extension has been filed

  • All due taxes have been paid


We, at V-Tax, help you in claiming tax relief from IRS by way of penalty abatement. We have experience in getting tax relief from IRS, and we work with dedication to bring the benefits of each possible tax relief to all our clients. However, the penalty can be burdensome. Thus, its abatement can prove to be significant tax relief for taxpayers.


  10. IRS Threatening Letters


While it is always better to avoid any disputes with the IRS, many taxpayers still receive various notices from the IRS. Some are like the inquiry, while others are threatening. For example, if the IRS finds out that any tax evasion has occurred, it may issue threatening letters to seize bank accounts and personal properties to recover its tax. It may also withdraw previously allowed tax relief. Such notices are scary and challenging to deal with. Any undue claim of tax relief in return can also invite such letters. Such letters should not be taken lightly, and tax experts should be called immediately on receipt of such notices.


However, V-Tax solves this problem for you as well. Our tax advisors know how to deal with such notices. We study all the back returns and handle all the communications with IRS. We don’t let these notices be threatening for you anymore. We strategize and bag all kinds of tax relief from IRS for all our clients.



While the above measures broadly define how a taxpayer can claim tax relief from IRS, however, it is extremely important that you consult tax advisors like us before taking any step. Any mistake in claiming any tax relief can invite additional trouble from IRS. These tax relief measures are meant to help taxpayers in hardship, and any step to gain the undue advantage can be disastrous. V-Tax professionals help you at every stage in claiming tax relief legitimately. We don’t want to be just your legal advisors, but we believe in working hand-in-hand with all our clients until their problem is resolved.