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Tax Planning for Wage Earners

If you have made it this far, you realize that tax planning is an excellent investment because you create the outcome you desire for your tax liability.  You may be tired and confused about why you owe the IRS yearly and want to minimize it as much as possible.  Or perhaps you want to reduce your refund because you know you can have that extra money in your paycheck vs. giving the IRS an “interest-free” loan.

Tax Planning Packages Include the following:

  • Three 30min phone calls or Google Meets: to discuss any financial issues that could impact your taxes and to put a strategy together to minimize your tax liability.  

  • IRS Monitoring: we will monitor your IRS account, so we can be proactive if the IRS sends you notices.  Being 1-step ahead of the IRS could save you penalties and fees.  

  • Paycheck Analysis: analysis that is typically done in July to examine your withholdings and other income to forecast your potential tax liability

  • W4 Guidance: Effective 2021, changes were made to the W4, and together we can complete it to provide the best tax liability solution for you

  • *Tax Preparation: Filing your personal Federal Tax Return(1040) and one State Return.



For individuals who are married/unmarried with or without dependents.

Rates start at $700


For individuals who are unmarried with no dependents.

Rates start at $500


For individuals involved with rental income, crypto, stocks, forex, etc.

Rates start at $1000

 Let Us Help You And Guide You
On Legally Minimizing Your Tax Liability.

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