Individual Tax Preparation Services Denver

Tax Preparing and planning for taxes is often a stressful and complicated process for most people. Me make that process as easy as possible for you and your family. Whether you need current year or past tax preparation services or need to plan for retirement or your child’s education, our professional team can assist you with all of your needs. We offer Virtual Tax Preparation Services in denver for all clients. For new clients, we review your prior year tax return for tax opportunities at no charge. Our Tax Professionals are Enrolled Agents.  Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Individuals who obtain this elite status must adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years

 We take proactive approach to help our clients, we are committed to provide the best results, we listen and we enjoy problem solving.


This is a Basic Price List, price may vary, because of the complexity of your tax situation. We will provide you with the exact coast for our fees, after we receive your complete tax paperwork.
All the prices include one state return.

Did you know that an average American works for 4 months out of a total of 12 months just to pay taxes to the government? This is shocking, but true. The more you work hard, the more your pay increases and consequently, more taxes are levied because the U.S. imposes a progressive income tax system where rates increase with income. You work harder just to pay the government harder. But, not anymore! V-Tax offers best-in-industry individual tax preparation services at the convenience of your home. V-Tax Services is a group of tax advisors offering all kinds of individual tax preparation services along with planning and filing of returns. We help you minimize your tax liability effectively through our tax preparation services.

We, at V-Tax Services understand that you, as individual, face various challenges when it comes to taxes. Though tax is already deducted by employer on salary, however, finalization and filing of return can still be tedious, especially, when the constant fear of notices from IRS is lingering over. Thus, V-Tax Services provides wholesome tax preparation services under one roof because we understand your needs. Our tax preparation services are available throughout the year. You just need to call us and we will schedule a one-to-one consultation with our tax advisors. We have always believed in providing hassle-free tax preparation services to all our individual clients and thus, all our tax advisors always go one step ahead to deliver best-in-class individual tax preparation services to you.

Not just salary, we have got you covered over all types of your income like stock trading, forex, cryptocurrency, tax credits which are all included in our individual tax preparation services. Apart from delivering tax preparation services, our tax advisors also handle all the documentation and maintain proper electronic records for future use so as to tackle any communications with IRS under our tax preparation services. We, also, track your refunds and ensure you get your tax refunds back into your bank as soon as possible. Compliance with IRS reporting requirements is often daunting and time-consuming. Through our tax preparation services, our team helps you understand where to begin and in determining whether the legislation is applicable to you. Our goal is to file your taxes and returns on time while others just file extensions and prepare returns later. Thus, more than tax preparation services, we offer you tax management services!


Types of Taxes Applicable on Individuals

  1. Social Security Contributions

For salaried people, half of the social security taxes are contributed by their employers while rest are borne by employees themselves only. The current tax rate for social security is 12.4% which is equally borne by employer and employee. It is levied to provide for benefits to elderly and disabled workers. While nothing much is required in this regard, V-Tax helps you in fulfilling Social Security tax requirements under its tax preparation services in colorado.

  2. Capital Gain

It is levied on any gain through selling of any long-term asset which can be real estate or even shares of the company. Generally, capital gain tax rates are less than tax rates on normal income, however, their determination is little complex.

Under our tax preparation services, V- Tax Advisors help you in calculating your capital gain liability and even advices you how to save them. Our best tax preparation services cover all matters relating to these types of taxes, so you need not worry.

  3. Inheritance Tax

This tax is imposed at the time of death of an individual on the fair market value of the assets of such individual when such assets are transferred as inheritance to their heirs. Individuals who are not US citizens are subject to this tax only if asset is located in the US.

At V-tax, our tax advisors help you with the whole inheritance process. Through our individual tax preparation services near me, we make sure the process of inheritance is smooth and problem-free. We cover return filing also for this type of tax under our nearby tax preparation services.

  4. Property Taxes  

These taxes are generally imposed at State level on owners of both commercial and residential properties. These are based upon the value of the property and tax rates depend on state jurisdiction. A few states impose intangible property taxes on investment assets. We cover this type of tax as well in our individual tax preparation services.

  5. Luxury and Excise taxes

These are again imposed on various goods and items. Our tax advisors can help plan and avoid such taxes. While luxuries are expensive, we make sure that taxes don’t make them more expensive through our tax preparation services.

Types of Filers

We provide our individual tax preparation services to all types of filers, whether it be:

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Military

  • Seniors & Retirees

  • Gig Economy Workers

  • Employees


Types of Deductions for Individuals


One of the most important component of tax preparation services is to analyse tax deductions as they alter the amount of income liable to taxes, thus, changing the tax liability. Therefore, it is extremely important to have extensive knowledge of the tax deductions as it can drastically reduce your tax liability. Through our tax preparation services, we ensure to make tax deductions work for you. Following kind of deductions are generally available to an individual:


  • Work Related

  • Itemized deductions

  • Education related

  • Healthcare

  • Investment related


At V-Tax, we offer individual tax preparation services package wherein we study each and every component of your income to identify the tax deductions applicable and suitable for you. While delivering tax preparation services, our tax advisors work continuously to pass on the benefits of new laws and amendments to you. Taxes are hard, but through our tax preparation services, we strive even more hard to make them simple, just for you. We truly employ best individual tax preparation services so as to guide you better.


What we Offer through our Best Tax Preparation Services?


Our tax advisors know that you are already tired of multiple compliances, therefore, we have come out with one umbrella tax preparation services package for all your needs: V-Tax Individual Tax Preparation Services.


This tax preparation services package involves all the services that one can think of, including:

  1. Estate, Trust and Gift Planning

  2. Succession Planning

  3. Quarterly reminders for tax payment

  4. Return filing

  5. Managing communications with IRS

  6. Tax Consultations with our licensed Enrolled Agents

  7. Year-round advisory

  8. Handling litigations and notices

  9. Maintenance of documentation


In addition to our tax preparation services, we also provide accounting and book-keeping services for those with multiple income streams. If you wish to add any other service, just let us know and we will customize package for you that includes multiple tax preparation services.

Why Should you hire Tax Advisors?


Tax laws are highly volatile. It becomes difficult for us to take time out of our busy schedules and keep track of all changes in the tax law. Moreover, comprehending tax laws requires expertise and experience. Therefore, it is always prudent to hire tax advisors for all kinds of tax preparation services in Greenwood Village. The fees paid for tax preparation services is often less than the advantage gained. Moreover, for the sake of avoidance of payment of fees to tax advisors, many individuals tend to invite litigations from IRS, which results in an additional drainage of dollars.

We, at V-Tax, aim to provide best individual tax preparation services at the most reasonable prices. We are not just compliance seekers, but we believe in complete problem solving. We provide comprehensive individual tax preparation services and these are just what you need.

Determining Tax Residency


One of the most important step under individual tax preparation services is to determine in which state the tax residency of an individual falls. This helps to avoid double taxation. Our team of tax advisors consists of certified Enrolled Agents who are licensed to practice in all US States. Thus, our tax preparation services centennial is one of the best in terms of determination of individual tax residency.


We also provide tax preparation services to individual expatriates. For citizens of any other country living and working in US, tax compliances become even more complex for them because their tax residency generally falls in more than one country jurisdiction. Our tax preparation services cover expatriate taxation as well and our tax advisors make sure that all our expatriate clients get maximum treaty benefits.  

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Our Onboarding Process

We believe in making onboarding process as simple as possible. For all kinds of individual tax preparation services, our tax advisors will work with you to answer some setup questions and gain an understanding of nature of your incomes. Once it is done, it becomes our duty to take care of your taxes, quarterly and yearly. Our tax advisors make sure to give you regular reminders for any tax payments while delivering their tax preparation services because we don’t want to burden you with additional interests and penalties.

The relation of an individual and his attorney or accountant is that of utmost faith. Our tax advisors abide by the trust you place in us and thus, deliver the best individual tax preparation services. Just enroll with us for once and experience the best tax preparation services in the States. We make and will keep making the tax preparation services simple for you!

We prepare all type of Taxes.We prepare itemize deductions, including medical bills, home insurance, home mortgage interest all possible benefits of been a Homeowner. Our Tax Experts specialize in all different type of income- Wages, Salaries, Other Earnings, Interest Income, Dividends and Other Corporate Distributions, Social Security Benefits, Retirement Plans, Pensions, and Annuities, Rental Income and Expenses, Business Income and Loss. We specialize in all type of different tax areas including but not limited to: Disposition or Sale of Property, Reporting Gains and Losses, Gain on Sale of Main Home, Discharge of Qualified Principal Residence Indebtedness, Education-related Benefits, Workers' Compensation, Compensation for Sickness or Injury, Life Insurance Proceeds, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Adjustments if Self-employed, Alimony, Education Related Adjustments, Net Investment Income Tax, Tax on Investment Income of Certain Children ("Kiddie Tax"), Taxes for Household Employees, Affordable Care Act (ACA) Provisions, Child and Dependent Care Credit, Education Credits, Adoption Credit, Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents, Foreign Tax Credit, Saver's Credit, Estate Tax Returns, Gift Tax Returns etc.