We offer Professional Tax Services

We are Virtual Tax Professionals, specialize in complex individual tax services and small business

We offer accurate, comprehensive, and affordable tax services. Our office is located in Vail, Colorado, but we can provide tax services to anyone across the country through virtual tax preparation. Our tax professionals are Enrolled Agents.

Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential awarded by the IRS. The EA credential is recognized across all 50 U.S. states. An enrolled Agent is a tax professional with unlimited representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service. These tax professionals may represent their clients on any matters including audits, collection actions, payment issues, tax refund matters, and appeals.

Our tax service offers completely remote and paperless tax preparation -- simply upload your tax documents via our secure portal.


The days of gathering documents and standing in front of the tax preparer’s office are a thing of the past.
Our Virtual Tax Services are not about filing your tax return using Tax Software.  Instead, virtual tax services are having a tax expert prepare your tax returns without leaving the comfort of your home.

    Why    Virtual Tax Services

In the past, most taxpayers had to schedule an appointment with a tax office, drive to their office, and wait in line to complete their returns. Today, however, there is a much better solution. Our Best Virtual Tax Services allows you to still have your taxes completed by a tax professional, without the need to schedule a meeting and bring binders of paperwork you collected in order to file your tax returns. Even without a scanner, you can easily snap a picture of a tax document and upload it securely to your virtual tax expert. We Use Zoom app to to bridge the distance gap with our clients. The app allow both us and the client to see each other, just as if we were meeting in the same room, without loosing the human touch. Whether your tax expert is in a brick and mortar office or offering tax service virtually, you are still working with a trusted tax professional.


The Benefits of Virtual Tax Services

Anywhere, Anytime - Work with one of our tax experts from wherever you are.
  • Flexibility, Convenience, and Control- Virtual tax services lets you choose when you want to prepare your taxes.

  • Confidence - we not only guarantee that you’ll get the maximum return possible, but we also guarantee its accuracy.

  • Speed - One of the biggest advantages that virtual tax services offers is the ability to file your taxes online.

  • Digital Documentation - Virtual tax services and online filing eliminates the need to maintain paper records of your tax returns, providing an electronic record that can be stored digitally for whenever you need it.

                                                                                                              Why Us?

V-Tax is not just a solution finder, but we are a problem solver. Apart from taking care of your tax compliances, we constantly strive to find optimum ways to make your tax liability feel less burdensome to you. Our tax services are a complete package in itself and you will not need anything else. We are licensed Enrolled Agents in the USA and have the authority to deal with all types of tax cases in all the States across the United States. Our team strives continuously to deliver quality tax services while making them affordable and timely. We are committed to all our clients, be it an individual, small business owner, or a large corporate house. Not just different clients, our tax services cater to all industries, be it real estate, service, or manufacturing industry. We help people regain their financial independence and resolve all tax problems through our tax services ranging from filing tax returns to offers in compromise

we are also dealing online in some cities in the USA. We are offering the Best tax service in these cities ( Tax Services Denver, Tax Services Colorado, Tax Services centennial, and Tax Services greenwood village). we are providing the best tax services near me also you can find us through nearby tax services.

We have a strong internal quality program to ensure continuous training for all our tax advisors and employees and we make sure that they are updated with all the latest amendments in law. Thereby, we make sure you get the best tax services. Through a balance of knowledge and technology, we have revolutionized the way tax services were delivered in the United States. We have converted the whole documentary tax services process into an easy online job wherein the documents just need to be uploaded online and the job will be handled by our tax consultants from there. We are intent to be more than just your tax advisors and consultants and work diligently to become your business partners and friends. We combine our experience with our knowledge and skills to create the best tax services for all your tax problems. We never make promises that we fail to deliver. All our claims are supported by back-calculations. Therefore, through our tax services, we always achieve the targets we fix with our clients. We anticipate the future needs of all our clients and mold our tax services in the present to make you feel fully satisfied.


         Why Choose Us?


We offer the following advantages to all our clients:

  • Since we are practicing Enrolled Agents, we can practice anywhere in the USA, and thus, we entertain all kinds of taxation problems of our clients. Sitting in Colorado, we can deliver tax services in New York.

  • We offer online tax services with 24X7 support; thus, you get professional services from our tax advisors at the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of waiting outside the IRS’s office.

  • You don’t need to worry about documentation. Once you avail of our tax services, we keep a record of all of them and prepare all necessary submissions. You just need to verify and sign at last.

  • All kinds of tax services are available under one roof. From advisory to litigations to return filing, our tax consultants are experienced in handling all. You don’t need to be worried about your taxation problems anymore because our tax services contain every solution that you need.

How Are We Unique?


We run a unique program called V-Tax Loyalty Program wherein we offer a single package for all tax services. You are assigned a designated tax consultant who becomes your contact person with us. You can discuss all your problems with him and he will help you with our tax services. You don’t need to worry about multiple compliances. Just purchase our V-Tax Loyalty Program under which we take care of all tax services. We even handle any litigations, that come thereon. We eliminate the need to run after different tax consultants for different tax services. Thus, V-Tax is the one-stop solution for all your taxation needs.

Our Approach

Trust and Honesty

We understand the value of trust and belief you place in our tax services. We never cheat or commit fraud with you. Always being praised for our integrity and commitment, we have never failed the expectations that client places in our tax services. We make our terms and conditions clear beforehand and have no hidden clauses.

Quality and Passion

We have set standards of delivery and all our tax services are aligned to such standards. We give utmost importance to the quality of our tax services and our team of tax consultants is driven by utmost passion and fire. With a mission to outperform, we have always been regarded as one of the best tax advisors and consultants delivering the best tax services by all our stakeholders.

Punctuality and Integrity

We don’t believe in burdening our clients additionally with interest and penalty, thus, all our tax advisors make sure that all tax services are completed on point. We give you repeated reminders regarding all the upcoming due dates and payments. We talk to you to understand your needs and deliver our tax services with full zeal up to your utmost satisfaction. 


We exist only for you. We believe in giving back to our clients for the trust and time they invest in us by delivering quality tax services. Each and every tax consultant of ours is driven by a customer-oriented approach. We follow an intensive training program to make our tax services more enriching for you.

Our Role

We don’t place ourselves as your tax consultants or advisors, but as business facilitators who help you in each and every step of your business. We understand that daily business challenges are difficult to tackle, so we don’t let the taxation problems further add to them. Our tax services are just what you and your businesses need. We treat all tax services that we deliver as our own and complete each of them with utmost responsibility. Every single dollar is essential and shedding out extra money due to the lack of the latest developments in taxation law is just not acceptable. The tax advisors at V-Tax first understand you and your business and then suggest further action with supporting calculations and reasons. We believe in providing taxing solutions and just deliver tax services. We have a proven track record with our clients in translating their complex tax needs into compliance and tax planning through our exceptional tax services. We thrive on the goodwill of our existing clients and wish to extend it further by adding new clients. We have been and will always be the most trusted and preferred tax advisors for all tax services across the United States.

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                                                      What do We guarantee?


We follow a client-centric approach and all our tax services are designed to enhance our customer experience. Our motto is to deliver quality and timely tax services. Through our programs like the V-Tax Services Loyalty Program, we guarantee you the following:

  1. Best Tax Solutions

We suggest legitimate ways to reduce your tax liability to the minimum extent. Our tax services are designed in a manner to give you full coverage against all kinds of tax compliances at once. We make sure to extend the benefits of all deductions and exemptions to you through our pack of tax services.

  1. Minimum Charges

Our focus is not upon fees, but to enhance your experience with us. We understand that tax is already burdensome, and we don’t wish to burden you extra with heavy fees. We are one of the most affordable yet reputed tax consultants delivering the best tax services in the United States.

  1. Timely Delivery

Our tax advisors understand the importance of time and thus, never fail to deliver their tax services on time. In fact, we make sure to give repeated reminders before any due date so that our clients do not miss any important date and then, compensate with late interests and penalties.

  1. Accuracy

Tax matters are sensitive and even the tiniest mistake can land you in big problems. Our tax consultants make sure that all tax services are delivered accurately and on point. We have a track record of delivering accurate tax services to our clients.

                                                         What are you waiting for?


Don’t wait for interest and penalties to add up. You just need to call us and we will explain to you the tax services that you require. We always advise our clients to not mess up with IRS directly and always avail tax services from an experienced tax expert like us beforehand. The more you wait for the right time to consult, the more interests and penalties keep adding up. Not only interests and penalties, but people in general miss upon claiming deductions and exemptions as they are generally not aware of them. Thus, availing of tax services from experienced tax experts will always prove beneficial for you.

Call us now and book your appointment. Any delay can lead you to heavy interests. Give us an opportunity to handle your tax problems and we promise to make your experience of availing our tax services enriching!